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In association with, the largest online retailer on the web, the crew @ NEOSCOSMOS.COM has created this store of resources to help YOU further study and teach within "the world of the young" (teenagers).

(nE&s) n. Greek
(kz-m&s) n. English
"the world of the young"

It's what stands between our great curriculum books, character-education programs, lessons, advice....and the teenagers we care about not only understanding, but actually accepting the things we are trying to teach them/guide them through as relevant, extremely important and their own, right now. is here to help youthworkers and parents spend LESS time reading, watching and surfing for the latest info ABOUT their world, they can spend MORE time building relationships and bridging pop culture chats into deeper conversations IN their world. We do the work, researching hundreds of "secular" and "religious", print and online sources. Then we update daily for you the most extensive collection of NEW news, trends, media content, book excerpts, and articles that are having an impact on both the teenagers we care so much about...and our efforts to make a positive difference in their lives.

We hope you've had an opportunity to surf around our website, check out all the FREE stuph we rotate around for you to sample...and,...we would consider it a privilege to serve alongside you in youth work as a member of the NEOSCOSMOS family.

It's time to reset your youth worker homepage.

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